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Why the Need For a Professional Organizer?

Hiring "Selections By Jacqueline" is a great way to take the stress out of this overwhelming  job yourself.  For many people their life gets very busy which leaves little time to tackle the clutter.   Depending on your needs, my services provide individual rooms, closets, garages and entire home organization.  Perhaps you're getting ready for a move, I'm able to pack and unpack, arrange for items that can be donated/sold or recycled to local organizations and companies.  I recommend downsizing regularly, so a refresher visit may be necessary for you and your home.


Business Mission

"Selections By Jacqueline" is a premier home organizing company.  It is with deep understanding and support that I provide my clients the utmost service without judgement on their current living situation. Transitioning or relocating is an emotional process and I will be there for each person and family member to assist during this difficult time.  My goal is to help those individuals achieve the standards and skills by staying organized so they may enjoy the more important things in life.

Step 1:​


​Our first meeting will take approximately 2-4 hours to assess, discuss and reac​h realistic goals based on the areas of the home that need downsizing.   We will then formulate a plan based on your timeline and budget. Select from a variety of package rates.

Step 2​:

Implementing the Project 

Most of the organizing sessions or blocks can take between 3-6 hours. It is important for you the client to be involved in this process of sorting through items to be kept and what should go. I will work side by side while coaching and teaching skills.  If you prefer to have me work independently, I will then organize the area and determine what systems may best enhance the space (i.e. shelving, closet systems, totes or bins).​

Step 3:

Removal of Items

Upon ​comple​tion of the areas downsized ​and organiz​ed,  A charitable organization will be contacted for pick-up for unwanted possessions.  ​A liquidator may be​ called to advise on any large items for donation or consignment resale.

Step 4:

Move- In Assistance for Individuals & Seniors

Once the project objective is completed and we've reached the desired effect, I will be available to pack/unpack small items, call in  for large items and coordinate the move-in date to your new residence.

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